How to order product from Alliance Mercantile Inc.

Order by emailmail-icon using this method is fast, reliable and you will receive confirmation that your order was received for processing.

Order by Fax fax-icon
your order is processed and an order confirmation will be emailed or faxed prior to shipping.

Order by Phoneph-icon
call one of our locations to place your order with one of our customer service representatives.

Order by EDIedi-icon
we offer EDI processing of documents to qualified customers.

Once your order is received we strive to confirm within 24 hours stock availability, pricing and date of shipping. Your order is shipped from the warehouse location closest to you. The only exception may be if there is a shortage of stock at the closest warehouse or if we stock the item only in one warehouse.
Invoices are produced at the end of each day billing for goods shipped that day. We distribute the invoices to customers by email or mail. The preferred method being email.
All payments are to be sent to the Head Office in Burnaby. We accept payment by check, Visa, Mastercard, American Express and EFT.
  • Standard Policies -

    Minimum order - $350.00 combined product
    Pricing – All pricing is in Canada dollars plus applicable taxes
    Payment Terms – 1%15 days Net 30 days.

  • Warranty -

    All products are guaranteed against factory defects. All defective claims are to be submitted to salesperson or customer service and a return authorization number will be issued and goods can be returned to the advised location or confirmation by credit and disposition of defective goods.

  • Return Policy –

    All products will be subject to a 15% return debit. All returns must be in original packaging, with tags and labels and in resalable condition. All returns must be approved by sales or customer service and receive a return authorization number. All returns must be effected no later than six months from purchase.

  • Price Changes –

    All pricing is subject to change with 10 days notice, though we strive to allow 60 to 90 days advance notice.

Contact Us to find the nearest representative in your area.
  • Alliance Mercantile Inc.
    3451 Wayburne Drive
    Burnaby, BC
    V5G 3L1

    Toll Free: 1-800-663-0664

    Phone: 604-299-3566

    Fax: 604-299-3569