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  • Alliance Mercantile Inc.

  • Address:
  • 3451 Wayburne Drive,
    Burnaby British Columbia
    V5G 3L1
  • Tel: 1-800-663-0664
  • Fax: 604-299-3569
  • Email:

Contact Information

  • Ontario Sales Office

    Alliance Mercantile Inc.
    Unit 25-35 West Pearce Street
    Richmond Hill, Ontario
    L4B 3A9

    Toll Free: 1-877-669-9371

    Phone: 905-669-9371

    Fax: 905-669-9064

  • Eastern Canada Shipping Warehouse, Sales Office and order processing

    Alliance Mercantile Inc.
    69 Rue Pepin
    St. Eustache, Qc
    J7R 6Z8

    Toll Free: 1-800-989-9626

    Phone: 450-974-9626

    Fax: 450-974-9627

  • For customers who have locations or customer of their own in the US we have an office and warehouse in the US.

    US Sales and Administrative Office, US Shipping Warehouse and order processing

    Alliance Mercantile Inc.
    4620 Campus Place, Suite 200
    Mukilteo, WA

    Toll Free: 1-800-776-5390

    Phone: 425-407-0330

    Fax: 425-407-0320